PRIMO and UDITE proceed in new cooperation

Paul Gatt,  President of UDiTE – the European Association for Local Government Chief Executives – and Jack Kruf, President of PRIMO Europe – the European Public Risk Management Organisation – signed a cooperation  agreement for 2019 and 2020 during a common conference on the essentials of city management (in European context), and board meetings executive meeting of both organisations held in Malta on the 7th and 8th of December 2018.

The agreement focuses on the merging and sharing of the knowledge and networks of both organisations to keep abreast of relevant trends and to meet with the challenges and ever-changing developments in local authorities and municipalities in Europe over the next few years.

UDiTE and PRIMO will work together on concrete European projects and initiatives such as public private partnerships, climate change, multi-level governance, modelling and education and cyber security. They will cooperate in the dissemination of information and the development of education, with the objective of helping municipalities and local authorities to realise their managerial aspirations and public value.

“It is my personal commitment as a city manager to make a valid contribution to these essential exchanges between European countries and cultures. The cooperation between UDiTE and PRIMO will be beneficial to that commitment”, Paul Gatt stated.

The dialogue between Local Authority Chief Executives during the meeting in Paris, showed more than ever before that all municipalities all over Europe share the same challenges and it was apparent that municipalities can by sharing knowledge, learn from each other how to approach and resolve such challenges.

“Cross-border exchange is the key element in a thorough approach to dealing with the ever-changing challenges in local government. Chief Executives and City Managers can learn by exchanging views with their contemporaries all over Europe, how to address uncertainties, reach their goals and find new paths to innovative policies and projects. The cooperation between PRIMO and UDiTE will bring risk governance to the fibres of society and close to citizens, society and business” said Jack Kruf, “a more common approach to support city managers-  facing a kaleidoscope of public risks – in their job is what we aim for.”

UDiTE and PRIMO will be organizing a joint yearly Think tank ‘From Global to Local’ and a workshop during the European Open Days in October to broaden their respective European networks, seek cooperation with new partners and develop their organizational objectives.

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