Political Risk Map 2017

By Marsh.

Global Geopolitical Risk Concerns for Businesses.
Events in the West, including the UK’s Brexit vote and the US presidential election, have the potential to amplify geopolitical risks in 2017. Large populations have become dissatisfied with conventional politics, driven by factors such as surges in immigration, the ongoing terrorism threat, and the knock-on effect of global financial crises. The result has been increased protectionism and the rise of anti-establishment, nation-first parties in countries worldwide.

In addition to these threats, greater assertiveness from China and Russia may also impact the risk landscape in 2017. Succession risks, conflict, and instability present further concerns in several regions.

How Will Your Organization Navigate the Volatile Risk Landscape?
Marsh’s Political Risk Map 2017 presents a global view of issues facing multinational organizations and investors, drawing on data and insight from BMI Research, a leading source of independent political, macroeconomic, financial, and industry risk analysis.

Explore the map to view risk scores for the countries where you may have assets, operations, or investments, or may be considering new opportunities. Choose the overall “Country Risk Index,” or view the map by in-country political, economic, or operational risk scores. >>

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