Nuclear Security Index: Theft & Sabotage

This report of the Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI) points out that many countries are well prepared for a cyber attack on their nuclear installations. The third Nuclear Security Index gives an overview of the readiness of countries for the protection of their nuclear installations against sabotage and cyber attacks.

Co-Chairman and CEO Sam Nunn concludes in his introduction:

‘I believe it is fair to say that today we are at a crossroads on nuclear security. When the 2016 Nuclear Security Summit opens, leaders will have important questions to answer: Will they take the dif cult steps needed to better protect against nuclear theft, attack, and sabotage? Will they work together to build the global architecture needed to protect against catastrophic nuclear terrorism? Will they sustain the momentum that the summit process created?

We at NTI believe leaders must show even greater resolve today in the face of escalating threats. Because the consequences of an act of nuclear terrorism would reverberate around the globe, leaders also have an obligation to work together. We are in a race between cooperation and catastrophe, and the world’s leaders must run faster.’

The report gives is a scala of rankings. The range of scores is very diverse. It is worrisome that a group of 20 countries where none of the basics for security are available. It is disturbing that a few of these countries are extending on the use of nuclear energy. >>

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