Norton Wi-Fi Risk Report 2017

Norton Wi-Fi Risk Report 2017 shows our Vulnerability

Norton by Symantec commissioned its second annual online survey, this year expanded to 15 global markets, in order to better understand consumers’ public Wi-Fi perceptions and practices and to unveil consumer misconceptions and worries about the safety of these connections.

This survey explores consumers’ knowledge about the safety of public Wi-Fi connections. While use of public Wi-Fi is nearly universal, most consumers are unaware of the dangers when connecting to public Wi-Fi and continue to put their personal information at risk. The survey’s findings provide consumers with much needed context to make better decisions about protecting their personal information while using public Wi-Fi. Findings:

    • Consumers are unable to resist a strong, free Wi-Fi signal.
    • Even when travelling, access to public Wi-Fi is a must.
    • Nevertheless, what some people choose to do over public Wi-Fi may surprise you.
    • Consumers’ dependency on public Wi-Fi is putting their personal information at risk.
    • When consumers think about a hacker or malicious person stealing their personal information and posting it online, emotions run high.
    • Though their actions may say otherwise, consumers are not invincible on public Wi-Fi.

Public Wi-fi is used via:

      • A hotel/holiday/hostel rental (71 percent)
      • A transport hub for traveling and/or commuting (46 percent)
      • A place to eat or drink (café, bar, restaurant, etc.) (43 percent)
      • An airline (43 percent)

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