New solutions to complex challenges

A public sector citizen-centric, sustainable and fit for the future.

EPSA is the only award scheme which is open to all public sector organisations across Europe from all administrative levels in a network of European public sector excellence. In the 10 years from 2009 to 2019 more than 1350 practical solutions to the challenges facing public administrations have been collected by EIPA/EPSA and more than 20% of them have been recognised as representing best practice after a four-step independent evaluation process. They represent a wealth of ideas for European public administrations.

Under the overarching theme “New Solutions to Complex Challenges – A public sector citizen-centric, sustainable and fit for the future”, and with the institutional and financial support of ten official partners, EPSA’s 2019 edition sought to showcase and reward those cases submitted by public administrations which have found new solutions in public service delivery and policy-making for the increasingly complex, difficult to address and often multi-dimensional challenges faced by the public sector in Europe. These challenges come at a time of an increasingly rapid pace of change, requiring public sector bodies to address both immediate needs and issues with important future consequences and to prioritise their actions effectively.

EPSA 2019 has, in short, rewarded creative solutions in public administrations which show how the public sector is responding effectively to major challenges. As it has been the case for the last 3 editions, for the EPSA 2919 edition public administrations could again submit their projects under 3 different admini- strative categories, i.e. European and National, Regional or Supra-Local and Local. Read more

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