Mapping Risk Education

Whilst working on the launch of the online course Certificate in Risk Management, together with the European Institute for Risk Management, and discussing the possibilities of close cooperation with the Euro-Mediterranean Risk Science Institute, we are mapping the offer of good risk education by European Institutions, Universities and associations.

We think it is important that the offer should focus, of course, and contribute to the awareness and knowledge of the difficult interfaces related to public risk, public management and public governance and covering areas as crisis management, safety, security, risk analysis and communication.

We are developing a palette of courses, summerschools, MBA’s et cetera for your information. We think that in risk education always eXperts, and CEO’s/risk managers in combination should be involved. We need science, but also we need practical stories. We think that education/science , government and business/social institutions are within the ‘golden’ triangle of the public risk domain.

This we do as independent association, where necessary involved in de dissemination or development. All benefits will be invested in new incentives. See for more information our education page.

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