Speech by President von der Leyen

Keynote speech by President von der Leyen at the World Economic Forum

Video “The World Economic Forum stands for multilateralism, global cooperation, listening to each other, and ideas for the future.

Some say the global order as we have built together in these 50 years is outdated. And whether we agree or not, we all have to recognise that it has been challenged every day.

This is not about one President, one country or one party. It is a global phenomenon driven by personal sentiments. People feel that their workplace is changing before their eyes. They are worried about the future of their families, or their business. They stick to all the rules, they give their very best every day, and no matter how hard they try, they feel the world is moving faster.

There are different ways to deal with these obvious changes. You can either move forward at the exclusion of others – like restricting the internet, fueling nationalism, building on the narrative of ‘us versus them’. Or you can take an inclusive approach: Cooperate with your neighbours, bring to the table scientists from all over the world, connect your businesses and your innovators to create new markets and sustainable jobs.

These are the answers people are asking for. They are ready to change, but they want to see that they can make a good living. We need to upgrade and modernise international fora to find solutions among nations. This creates common ground. And you need leadership to take it to the next level. Read more


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