IoT unlocks the door to hackers

Source: Strategic Risk.

Businesses need to wise up to security flaws as they embrace the Internet of Things. This is a buzz phrase we hear used regularly but it is one which is prone to misconception and misunderstanding.

Connecting devices, such as a kettle or light bulbs, over the internet and allowing them to communicate with each other and ourselves is the essence of the IoT. Smart fridges will order your shopping when supplies run low.

A smart heating system can be activated from wherever you might be. It sounds simple enough but of course the reality is more complicated than that – particularly as these devices become more ubiquitous and even more so in the context of smart cities, smart traffic systems or smart manufacturing. >>

PRIMO focuses – with its partners EIPA and UDITE –  on the resilience of cities by systematic addressing and mitigation of public risks, caused by crucial interfaces and processes. Cyber security related factors are among them.

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