International Survey of Corporate Responsibility Reporting 2008

Source: KPMG International

“In a world of ever changing challenges companies are shifting away from risk management approaches and toward an approach that has learning and innovation at its heart. Reporting is necessity if companies are to know and understand their social and environmental impacts, and how to minimize the dangers and maximize the opportunities associated with new and emerging challenges.”

“Today we are in the midst of a rapid global transformation with increased demand on corporations to perform not only financially but to be good corporate citizens. One of the most important aspects of this transformation is the critical importance Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs. Climate change; community health, education and development; and business sustainability are some of the most pressing issues of our time. Businesses are increasingly involved in these areas as are their clients and their people. This raises the importance of accurately and transparently accounting for and reporting these activities.

Auditors have long played an important role in the financial reporting process and we believe strongly in the strategic value of CSR reporting. We want use our leadership position in this area to help develop this field and promote best practices by highlighting current developments and historical trends.” Download International Corporate Responsibility Survey 2008

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