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INFORM has released its second annual global results report. It is based on the understanding and measuring of the risk in humanitarian crises and disasters as well as the conditions that lead affecting sustainable development.

Since last year there have been made some changes in the INFORM methodology.The way that conflict risk is measured has been imroved and the model now includes new probabilistic assessments of most natural hazards. On country level cluster analysis has been applied which gives better opportunity for the analists to track risks and their significant changes from year to year.

INFORM simplifies a lot of information about risk. It uses 50 different indicators to measure hazards and peoples’ exposure to them, vulnerability, and the resources available to help people cope. It creates a risk profile for every country. Each has a rating between 0 and 10 for risk and all of its components, so its easy to compare.

The results are available at, where you can download a spreadsheet with all the results, calculations and source data, view and print country pro les, explore the data interactively  and find out more about how the model works and how you can use it.

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