Incêndio de Pedrógão Grande

Quercus considers clearance of responsibilities necessary and recalls management mistakes of successive governments in the forest area. Quercus is a Portuguese non-governmental organization and a independent, non-partisan association of national scope, non-profit and made up of citizens who have gathered around the same interest for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources and in Defense of the Environment in general, with a view to sustainable development.

Quercus expresses its deep sorrow for the mortal victims of the tragedy of the Great Fire of Pedrógão Grande, Castanheira de Pêra and Figueiró dos Vinhos, especially to the families of the victims and citizens of the municipalities affected. On this occasion, he also recalls the errors of management and bad political decisions in the area of ​​forests that have been taken by successive Governments and demands that once the work to combat this fire and support for the victims be completed, Deep reflection on what led to these tragic events is needed. >>




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