Guidelines for Emerging Risk Governance

Project by Ortwin Renn

“IRGC’s current work aims to produce overarching Guidance on Emerging Risk Governance, as a set of flexible guidelines that support public and private organisations in their work to design internal processes to proactively deal with emerging risks:

  • Anticipate emerging risks and opportunities: identify, evaluate and prioritise potential threats and opportunities
  • Respond to emerging risk: assess and respond to those threats that may develop into risks to an organisation

The build upon previous IRGC work on causes and factors contributing to risk emergence (The Emergence of Risks: Contributing Factors, 2010) as well as on the main obstacles that organisations in the private sector face when they try to manage emerging risks (Improving the Management of Emerging Risks, 2011), and draws from consultations with academics and practitioners in the public and private sector who have developed their own processes for emerging risk identification and assessment. Moreover, substantial input to the Guidelines was provided at the Roundtable Discussion on Emerging Risk Governance in June 2014.” Read more >


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