‘From Global to Local’ The Hague

Think Tank PRIMO & UDITE, 24 april 2015, Amsterdam

The Global Risk Report 2014 of the World Economic Forum is clearly designed for global issues, sometimes related to the national level, but most of the times on a larger than that. The report gives a general outline of the most relevant risks.

We know that not all risks can be handled and reduced on local level, but we know from our network that many local and regional public leaders and the (city) managers will be faced with the direct consequences of the emerging risks as they are reported. They after all are closest to the well being of our citizens and are daily focused on governing the fibre of society.

We have launched a Think Tank to discuss relevant risks on a regional and local level with this report as background and reference point. PRIMO has the conviction that many of the risks outlined in the report will demand a strong strategy and policy making, on different levels of government and business.

Goals of the Think Tank are:

  • Raising general awareness for the quality of life and the hereto related risks.
  • Discuss which risks are faced by public leaders on local level.
  • Share knowledge and insights on public governance and management by cities and regions.
  • Strengthen the  pre-emptiveness, precautionary principle and proactivity related to the risks on local and regional level.

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* Read also the interactive textbook (Dutch, iPhone, iPad, Mac).

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