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Considering the fact that many surveys and studies bring forward the vulnerability of the human factor in all kind of processes, and that risks seems to emerges as human mistakes, it is good to know the background and environment of human behaviour at work.

We think that the Risk Observatory of the
European Agency for Safety and Health at Work is systematically focussing on those risks. More and more people face psychosocial risks at work.

By the end of the fifties, early sixties two comletely different ‘sciences’ met. Architecture and psychology discovered each others worlds and fundaments, to find news answers on social cohesion, human perception and city architecture. The new science was social psychology. We think, like Le Corbusier already build in into his appraoch, that the human factor should be in the middle of our architecture and processes. So also in risk management and governance. Psychology meets management.

This Risk Observatory, with the clear tagline ‘Anticipating change’, we recommend to our members.

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