Poland illegal in Białowieża Forest

EU Court: Poland illegal in Białowieża Forest

Poland will continue logging in the ancient forest of Białowieża.  This statement came from the country’s environment minister Jan Szyszko. The EU court has ordered a halt to the practice of this country earlier this week. Has Poland started the process of destroying the last European pristine forest? And has it with that compromised the brand of Poland. The loss of this forest could in this regard be very harmful to the country as a whole.

The court of justice of the European Union has ordered this suspending of  operations, waiting for the a final (legal and moral) judgment on its dispute with Poland.

Public risk here is loss of nature, public risk also is loss of (public) trust in government and could emerge further from not only lack of respect for nature itself but also from lack of respect for the democratic (protecting) system behind it.

Wasn’t it a collective decision to protect and safeguard these pristine forestial public values. Enforcement now will be crucial. A form of multi-level governance in discussion and confrontation. Europe will be watching (and waiting).

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