Day of Risk

Source: “Government for the future

Director Eric Frank of PRIMO Nederland participates in Day of Risk.

Dutch project on risk and responsibility

“The working conference ‘Day of Risk’ on the 19th of May is part of the Dutch project Risk and Responsibility, which aims at sparking a debate on a better balanced management of risk and incidents. The project was commissioned by Roel Bekker, designated Secretary General of the Central Government Reform Programme. It will provide input for a paper on the desired regulatory scope and responsibilities, taking account of the issue of knee-jerk regulation. The Minister of the Interior and Kingdom Relations promised such a paper to the Dutch Lower House.

The goal of the project is to bring about debate between policy makers, central government regulators and communications officers, politicians, journalists, the public, and entrepreneurs. In the summer, the project will report its findings to the steering group of four Permanent Secretaries.”

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