Behavioral research in auditing

Crossing the divide: behavioral research in auditing

Prof. dr. Olof Bik RA. 

Inaugural address in acceptance of the Professorship of Behavioral Research in Auditing at Nyenrode Business University on Tuesday September 17th, 2019.

“Dear family and friends, And all others of you who show your interest through your presence here today,

It was in his laudatio, just after my PhD defense at the University of Groningen in 2010, that one of my PhD thesis supervisors, Jaap van Manen, said to me: “You should become a bit more like Maarten van Rossem”. For those of you unfamiliar with the phenomenon of Maarten van Rossem, apart from being a historian, professor, and writer, specialized in American history and politics, he is especially known for his cranky personality – being stoic, apathic, and indifferent. He masters the art of being very clear, yet sarcastic and critical in his commentaries or responses to whatever questions. Read more

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