Competitive Dialogue

For the combination of the political, social environmental, social, legal and the technical complexity of Public Private Partnerships, Competitive Dialogue is an adequate procedure to enhance the total quality and governance of PPP. This was brought forward during the PRIMO Round Table in Brussels, the 10th of June 2010. It is consequently a risk management instrument of the first category that should be applied. Here we outline the procedure and give you some interesting links.

“The competitive dialogue differs fundamentally from the ‘ordinary’ public and restricted procedures: the greatest difference lies in the manner in which the request is made. The competitive dialogue begins with a question for which there is no known (unequivocal) answer. The contracting authority uses the solutions submitted by the candidates to conduct a dialogue that results in an optimisation of the request and offer. When the dialogue is conducted in the appropriate manner the contracting authority receives tenders offering an optimum solution at a reasonable price and the party submitting the tender is offered an attractive contract with sufficient economic prospects.

Consequently, an optimum solution depends on the quality of the dialogue between the contracting authority and the parties submitting the tenders. However, how should an appropriate dialogue be organised? How do you ensure that all parties – both the tenderers and your internal clients – are heard?”

For more information we recommend:
Competitive Dialogue Procedure, by Office of Government Commerce (OGC)
Competitive Dialogue in 2008: OGC/HM Treasury joint guidance on using the procedure, United Kingdom
Competitive Dialogue: A guide based on the current experience of the Rijksgebouwendienst, Rijkswaterstaat and the Ministry of Defence, The Netherlands. Source: PPP and the Dutch Government

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