A new posture for cybersecurity

A new posture for cybersecurity in a networked world

Thomas Poppensieker (Munich) and Rolf Riemenschnitter

As the dangers mount, current approaches aren’t working. Cyberrisk management needs a root-and-branch overhaul. Until recently, financial firms and governments were the primary targets of cyberattacks. Today, with every company hooking up more and more of their business to the Internet, the threat is now universal. Consider the havoc wreaked by three recent events.

“Even after years of discussion and debate, the attacks continue and even escalate. Most companies don’t fully understand the threat and don’t always prepare as well as they might. We don’t claim to have all the answers, either, but we hope that this recap of the problems and the pitfalls will help companies calibrate their current posture on cyber risk.”


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