Territorial Cohesion and Urban Policy

Committee of the Regions | 27 November 2015

On the occasion of the informal ministerial meetings on Territorial Cohesion and Urban Policy which took place on November 26th and 27th, ministers discussed how to keep a balance in the development opportunities on the European Territory. 

In the first place, ministers agreed that the European integration is actually under pressure. Europe is losing cohesion in many fields. One of the most apparent consequences is the uneven response to the migration crisis. The lack of cohesion hits some countries more than others and at the regional level effects are multiplying. The financial and economic crisis has reinforced this tendency. Decreasing territorial cohesion leads to a lack of opportunities for economic activities and makes people dissatisfied with their personal situation. More severe consequences are outmigration and depopulation, concentration of economic activities, congestion and pollution.

“We would like to employ territorial scenarios to better understand what kind of territorial challenges we will face in the future and what we can already do today to avoid them”, stated Minister François Bausch. “Maps and territorial visions can say more than a thousand words. Sector policies are often not aware that their decisions have a territorial impact. We must visualize these impacts to stay in touch with sector policies and demonstrate that territorial cohesion matters”. >>

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