2015 Global Risk Management Survey


“Our 2015 Global Risk Management survey, compiled from responses from over 1,400 risk management professionals in 60 countries, shows companies grappling with new risks but differing on how they rank and how best to address them. Threats to companies’ reputations and cyber risk rank high among business leaders’ top risk concerns, while economic and regulatory risks along with increased competition and the inability to retain or recruit needed talent continue to rank high.

The survey results offer answers to many key risk management questions including:

  • How do your risk concerns compare to those of your peers worldwide?
  • What’s driving increased or decreased concern over certain exposures?
  • How do some risk concerns vary by region or industry?

Of particular concern from a risk management perspective is the number of exposures on this year’s list that are not traditional insurable risks, showing the need for organizations to skillfully evaluate and address both existing and emerging exposures.”

Source:  Aon

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