#1 State of the Union EU

“You can trust the European Union to do what it takes to secure your future”

Source: European Commission
Speech: President José Manuel Barroso

Commission President José Manuel Barroso set out his strategic plans for the EU over the next year in his State of the Union speech to the European Parliament.
“My message to each and every European is that you can trust the European Union to do what it takes to secure your future,” he said. The EU’s economic outlook is better than one year ago and is improving, President Barroso told Parliament. Growth will be higher than forecast. Unemployment was no longer increasing. “But our work is not finished,” he added. “We must accelerate our reform agenda.”

Over the next 12 months the Commission plans to bring forward new legislation on improved economic governance in the EU, job skills, tackling poverty and exclusion, cutting red tape for small businesses and removing obstacles to trading on the EU’s single market.

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