Think tank ‘From Global to Local’

Focus: ‘Orient, reflect and navigate.

The purpose of this think tank is to promote and encourage a greater understanding and exchange of knowledge, ideas and expertise on the impact of global public risks on local communities and cities. It is set to develop and enhance the ingenuity and resourcefulness of local communities and cities across Europe in general and the management by local government chief executives and senior professionals in particular.

The Think Tank has been inspired by the fact that many reports about risks – such as Global Risks Report of the World Economic Forum and the Lloyd’s Risk City Index need to be more connected with the local power of public leaders and managers. In the view of UDITE and PRIMO the knowledge and insights of global risks need to be more translated for, tuned with and embedded in successful local public governance.

The Think Tank was conceived with the specific purpose of raising awareness of the relevance, knowledge and practice of strategic risk management as a an integral part of good public governance, and involving much more than preventing losses and reducing costs. The results will be suggestions for concrete action in governance and management.

Multidisciplinary discussion
The meeting in Santarem will be held in the form of a multidisciplinary seminar. We experienced that this is conditional for an in depth dialogue. The attendants have all a  different background, role and craftsmanship, this to have all perspectives on the table. The discussion is open and is focused on the essence of the present local palette of public values and risks. The results will be published on the websites of the cooperating partners.