PRIMO Risk Management Award

The PRIMO Risk Management Award has been launched in 2007 by the board of PRIMO Europe to recognise the efforts and standards being achieved across our cities and regions towards creating and implementing risk management mechanisms for safer and efficient environments.

The award is for innovative approaches to risk management which show real benefits in terms of improved processes, cost reduction, and embedding risk management within an organisation. The Award will be made irrespective of the size of the organisation, level of financial investment or amount of resources devoted to the project or initiative.

With this award, consisting of a statue and a laudatium, PRIMO would like to encourage CEO’s in the public domain to enter this award to support our association to promote and highlight risk management across Europe, and to showcase the amount of work and effort going into this field on a daily basis.

The PRIMO Risk Management Award is awarded annually.

The jury consists of alle board members of PRIMO in Europe. She bases her judgment and decision of the selection on dialogues with its members, publications related to publications related to projects and initiatives, on the carefully selected publications in the news portal and social media. The award is acknowledged on the proof of a performance, which to the judgment of the jury is outstanding and in exceptionally has contributed to good public governance.


  • 2019: Paul Hofstra, Director Court of Account of the City of Rotterdam. The award was acknowledged for his sharp analyses, ground breaking reports and courage related to public risk management.
  • 2018: Harrie Scholtens, EPSA/EIPA in Ede. The award was acknowledged for his binding leadership at the interface of public value, public risk and governing power.
  • 2017: Ronny Frederickx, UDITE in Parijs. The award was acknowledged for his effort to raise awareness and underline the importance of risk management under local communities in Europe.
  • 2016: Eric Frank, PRIMO Nederland in Amsterdam. The award was acknowledged for his exceptional contribution to the positioning of the craftsmanship of risk management as a crucial part of good governance.
  • 2015: The municipality of Utrecht for the design of risk management within the project organisation Le Grand Départ de Tour de France. Mayor Jan van Zanen of the city of Utrecht received the award.
  • 2014: The municipality of  Getafe, Spain. The award was acknowledged for the best approach in the development of a local strategic plan.
  • 2013: The municipality of Duinkerken, Belgium. The award was acknowledged for an innovative approach to crisis management.
  • 2012: The municipality of Darlington, United Kingdom. The award was acknowledged for the best approach of municipal delivery of services.
  • 2011: The municipality of Saint Etienne, France. The award was acknowledged for the best approach of the Mexican Flu Epidemic.
  • 2009:The municipality of Rijswijk, The Netherlands. The award was acknowledged for the interactive approach and design of the center project, received by city manager Anne de Baat.

The award consists of a styled statue and piece of art.