In the last 10 years, actually since the founding on the 1st of April 2015, we systematically studied the educational need of public leaders and managers in the regional and local public domain. On this basis it has established the academy as an integral part of its mission: advancing the knowledge and use of risk management within the local government sector, as well as in the public sector at large, in Europe.

PRIMO is strongly focused on providing high effectiveness and efficient public governance, by improving the skills and attitudes of both management and staff in the management of risk. An open, critical and fair attitude, alertness, cooperation and partnership are crucial. Our Academy was set up to synthesize all essential training and education related to the critical success and competence for good public governance.

International Platform
It is PRIMO’s mission to make available education and training in management of risk on an European level. This because it is clear that the way we perceive, assess and manage risks in different countries shows great similarities. There are obviously different priorities, differences in accent and cultural approach, but experience shows us that in essence everyone working in the public domain is faced with the same obligation to govern emerging risks. And the risks in the public domain itself are universally identical. With this in mind, we decided to invest in the development of an international program to improve the cross-border awareness and approach to public risks.

Unique dialogue oriented approach
It is our belief that governance of risk is best supported by a dialogue oriented approach. This means that we should ideally combine the knowledge of standards such as ISO 31000 and COSO with experience of one’s own behaviour and attitudes. The blend of scientific, methods and practice are combined. Unique is not only learning but experiencing by dialogue. Sharing knowledge and story telling are centrally embedded in the heart of the programs.

Our Role
The Academy is keen to full its mission in a number of independent roles:

  • Broker: consulting of and selection for organizations working in or for the public domain of relevant education programs. Example: consult of municipalities.
  • Developer: developing in co-creation with partners and suppliers new, not existing and innovative education programs, seeking the high end of the market and working with certi#ed and top institutes, consultancies and universities. Cooperation with the University of Malta, EISTI, Avans+, Vlerick Business School.
  • Supplier: offering courses, seminars and roundtables. Our yearly round table ‘the art of risk management’ and the PRIMO/EIRM Online Course.
  • Recommender: offering quality labels to existing courses. PRIMO was member of certification team of MBA Risk Management Twente University

The portfolio is tailored per country: the development of the education program depends on the level of awareness of risk management in the various countries. The UK, Danmark, France, the Netherlands & Flanders are more advanced, while Malta and Cyprus are in the initial stages of recognizing the need for risk management.

Our portfolio

Risk Management Systems

A risk management system is the way through which an organization manages players, roles, relations and processes of its business in order to achieve its values and objectives. Public risk management focuses also on the public domain (read society and the natural environment). Unique is the establishment and connection of an open approach of internal or external uncertainty, a value […]

PRIMO Risk Management Award

Introduction The PRIMO Risk Management Award has been launched in 2007 by the board of PRIMO Europe to recognise the efforts and standards being achieved across our cities and regions towards creating and implementing risk management mechanisms for safer and efficient environments. The award is for innovative approaches to risk management which show real benefits in terms of improved processes, […]

Certificate in Risk Management

PRIMO members have access to an introductory online course in risk management. You can contact your national PRIMO association to SIGN UP for the online course. Normal price is € 500, but as a member of PRIMO you can sign up for a reduced price of € 300. The course has been developed in collaboration with Professor Peter C. Young. The Certificate […]


Strategic focus: ‘Knowing what’s happening and where to buy’. Introduction Kaleidscope: Education for Good Governance is an internationally developed education program, designed for an holistic and dialogue oriented public risk approach. Discussing relevant themes as cybersecurity, social cohesion and city management, adaptation to climate change, proper water management and synergy by partnership. Getting familiar with the best concepts, methods and […]

Risk Management and CAF/TQM

During the last five years PRIMO and EIPA combined forces in Barcelona, align risk management and the quality management dynamic in a European setting, this a masterclass for a European audience. Knowledge and networks of both organisations will be combined to realise the goal of having a platform through which civil servants and (local) politicians can learn about good governance. In the […]

Risk Essentials

  Introduction In recent years, a wide range of events (legislation, court decisions, regulatory actions, new audit rules) have produced a great interest in risk management. In addition to the impact of new laws and rules, this interest is partly due to an increasingly complex world, converging global markets, accelerating technological development, and an enhanced feeling of vulnerability and insecurity […]

Establish your Connection

During the last 10 years PRIMO established an extensive network. We can help to build relevant connections for your organisation, related to the public value and risk governance. Here is a kaleidoscope of interesting connections. Please contact us for further information. European Union – Committee of the Regions – The Court of Justice of the European Communities – European Economic and […]