A Region at Risk

The human dimensions of climate change in Asia and the Pacific. This report by Asian Development Bank and the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research is noteworthy because of its thorough approach of crucial correlations. What happens in Asia can be considered as an example –  a pars pro toto – for the rest of the world. The approach of managing the emerging public risks from climate change will have to follow the same patterns and to be carried out for the same social and economic topics, this with leadership and good governance as absolute constraints and conditions. This is challenging. A quote from the foreword:

“The historic Paris Agreement of 2015 has acknowledged that the global climate crisis is arguably the greatest challenge human civilization faces in the 21st century. In this context, the role of the Asia and Pacific region is characterized by a double dichotomy that entails simultaneously high risks and significant opportunities. Proper analysis guided by adequate information can result in investment and policy choices that will continue to promote sustainable economic development and eradicate poverty in the region.

These rapidly emerging new climate vulnerabilities in the Asia and Pacific region need to be addressed with a portfolio of strategies involving capacity building, preparedness programs, urban and rural planning, national and social security schemes, proactive migration and numerous others. Crucial preconditions for success are whole-systems and long-term thinking and planning, based on the best available data, analysis, and modeling.

This report aims to inform developing member countries of the most recent regional climate change projections and to assess the consequences of these changes for human systems. It also highlights gaps in the existing knowledge pertaining to the impacts of climate change, and identi es avenues where research continues to be needed. The information and insights presented in this report will contribute to scaling up the e orts of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) in building climate resilience in its developing member countries in the years and decades to come.”

Download report: Region at Risk