3rd General Assembly 2008

Dear members,

It is our pleasure to send you hereby a summary of the 3rd General Assembly of PRIMO Europe, held on the 12th of December 2008 in Brussels.

As you may know we founded PRIMO Europe on the 6th of December 2007 as an International Non-Profit Association, based in Brussels and working under Belgian Law. Our thanks goes to Ronny Frederickx for the good work he has done to make this formal establishment possible.

We, PRIMO Europe, are a very young, but bright and ambitious organisation. In 2008 we reconstructed our administrative, legal and financial management to be ready for the future. We thank John O’Dea who did tremendous efforts to reorganize and restructure PRIMO Europe into a financial healthy association.

On the administrative side we want to establish our organization better. We would like to explore the possibilities for a secretariat, based in Brussels, and supported by all the knowledge we have in our association and our partners. We decided to discuss this with UDITE as our founding and therefore logical partner.

In 2008 we launched a complete concept for the PRIMO Initiative of the Year Award for National Chapters as well as PRIMO Europe and worked hard for a good PRIMO Europe Conference. Due to financial aspects and low number of delegates who were going to attend, we had to withdraw from the Paris Conference, and cancel our Conference in Cardiff. That was very disappointing for us all, but a reality that we had to accept.

We believe however that in the circumstances we made the right decisions which lead us to where we stand now: financially healthy and with a small but good reputation to expand further during the coming years. During the year we welcomed three new partners: Ernst & Young, Risk Management Partners and TNO.

We would like to thank here all our partners, especially Finn, Malene and Peter from EIRM, Helen, Vicky and Byron from Cardiff, and Tanneguy, Laurence and Gérard from PRIMO France for the tremendous efforts they made. We think we’ve learned a lot from their professionalism.

The expansion of PRIMO National Chapters is more difficult than we thought. We thank Byron for his tremendous efforts in trying to found PRIMO UK. It seems that the timing is not right at this moment and perhaps another effort will be made in the near future. We could not find the right fit with Ireland, although there is support from EIRM in this area. PRIMO Sverige is founded but like PRIMO Danmark, we would like them to step into our board and really connect with PRMO Europe. PRIMO Polska has set it’s first steps. PRIMO Vlaanderen is in a legal founding stage. PRIMO Malta and PRIMO Cyprus are still in there first phase of development. We would like to explore with UDITE the further expansion and cooperation of our two associations in expanding our networks throughout Europe. The proposal will be discussed in the board today.

The scope for 2009 however is focussed on two main products. The first is the PRIMO Risk Survey 2009. This can bring us into the heart of risk management in Europe and give us the incentive and exposure we need and which are crucial to gain new positions. The outline, its questionnaire, the implementation and the partnership will be discussed in Brussels with all the partners.

Second focus point is a PRIMO Magazine/Newsletter by which we can make a real start with the European-wide dissemination of information throughout Europe. We believe that, PRIMO Europe, has to hand this over to people whose profession it is to do this. We are convinced that we need professional people to hunt and to disseminate to news. We will discuss in the board the business proposals from EIRM and Kluwer.

The ‘Report on Accounts 2007’ is approved, as well as the budget for 2009. We decided to reduce the membership fee by 50% for 2009 and 2010, this for all national chapters and take the ‘losses’ for non-payment by chapters. We will precise and discuss the implementation of it during the next board meeting.

We elected a new board member, – Tom Wustenberghs, Chairman of PRIMO Vlaanderen and accepted the resignation of Ronny Frederickx, former chairman of PRIMO Vlaanderen and co-founder of PRIMO Europe. We welcome Tom and wish him all the success in the coming years to strengthen our association. We thank Ronny for all his loyalty, friendship and good and hard work for our association.

We decided that the formal auditing of the annual accounts and the publication thereof with the competent authorities in Brussels will be embedded in the partner contract of and carried out by Ernst & Young for the year 2009.

The role and formal position in the board of founding partners EIRM and Marsh is discussed. We have reconsidered the position of both commercial companies with an extra seat in the board. To prevent interference of roles and to clear decisionmaking in the board and to strenghten the independancy of the association towards all members and all partners, we have decided that all private sector partners will have a seat in the new created advisory committee of the board. It is decided on request of the presidency of UDITE, that the president of UDITE is offered an extra seat (without the right to vote) in the board. And thereby give up their formal seat.

On request of Denmark we decided to make it possible for all members of all national chapter board to be eligible for the PRIMO Europe board, not only their chairmen.

The statutes are amended to conform. The formal minutes will be sent for the next General Assembly

The chairman thanks and closes the meeting.

Soteris Messios, General Secretary
Jack P. Kruf, President

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