2nd General Assembly 2007

16th April 2007, Dublin

Public Entities today are increasingly exposed to types and levels of risk that they have not had to consider before. Therefore, the aim of PRIMO Europe, is to disseminate knowledge of modern risk management practices to European public sector managers and to support them in their daily decision-making on risk management issues. The PRIMO organization was created by UDITE in 2005 with the aim to make risk management an essential part of good management. Today, PRIMO Europe is developing rapidly as the demand for risk management is increasing in the European municipalities.

During the Assembly of PRIMO Europe in Dublin at the 16th of April, the business plan of PRIMO Europe is presented to the members, i.e. all members of UDITE and the national PRIMO chapters of Cyprus, Denmark, France, Malta, The Nederlands and Flanders.

The motto that has been given to the business plan is “Building Trust”. This, to underline the positive effects that will emerge from the professionalism, the approach, the style and instruments of riskmanagement. This also because riskmanagement offers great opportunities for management and society, for individual person as well as public organizations.

The business plan describes the vision, mission, aims and goals for PRIMO and is a strategic guideline for the plans and ambitions of the National PRIMO Chapters and their joint PRIMO Europe network and organization.

Subsequently, during the General Assembly of PRIMO Europe, a new PRIMO Europe board has been elected for a period of two years. This board is expanded with representatives of two new PRIMO Chapters: PRIMO Malta and PRIMO Cyprus.

Adrian Mifsud, President of UDITE, congratulates the newly elected board and says “PRIMO has set on for a new direction, respecting Northern and Southern regions of Europe”

Later that day, during the de first board meeting of the new PRIMO Europe board, a new president, general secretary and treasurer are appointed.

The new president, Jack Kruf of PRIMO Nederland states that “During the last months the “founding board” has worked very hard to develop a business plan, statutes and contracts with partners and suppliers for an official start as a public association. This of course with the intensive support of our founding partners EIRM, Marsh and UDITE. The last period has been marked by bringing PRIMO Europe close to UDITE and the new board will continue to do so”.

Furthermore the General Secretary, Soteris Messios (PRIMO Cyprus), and the Treasurer, John O’Dea (PRIMO Malta) are appointed within the PRIMO board.

At the end of the meeting, the statutes of PRIMO Europe are being signed by the new board and from now on, PRIMO Europe formally exists.

PRIMO Europe has set a vision to become the primary and most influential trans-national network for the development and dissemination of well-founded and useful knowledge on public risk management for the benefit of society, the citizens and the public organisations. PRIMO Europe will develop national chapters where possible, first and foremost in the member countries of UDITE.